The PF6000 Automatic Barrier range is produced by Parking Facilities Ltd, the leading manufacturer of Automatic barriers in the UK.

Their barriers use the latest technology to maintain the barriers smooth operation, via an integral Telemecanique inverter driven motor and gearbox, which only requires a singe phase supply, providing a smooth consistent operation.

The Telemecanique PLC Control Board, can be programmed to suit any form of access control requirements, therefore allowing speedy installation and no return visits to modify the programmes.

If you have a vehicle barrier, traffic barrier, rising bollards or road blockers requirement than why not contact us. We will be happy to come to site for free to discuss your specific needs and help you specify the best solution.

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“The best equipment deserves the best service”.

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Traffic barriers or "Boom gates" are typically found at parking facilities, checkpoints and entrances to restricted areas as traffic calming measure, preventing through traffic, whilst allowing authorised vehicles such as emergency services and buses to take advantage of the shorter and more direct route. Click on the links to read more………