Automatic systems

consists of:

More than 60 distribution partners around the world.

Constant customer care

Because automatic systems constantly monitors new market trends and listens carefully to customers’ feedback, the products developed are designed to suit all

purposes and requirements.

Everyone benefits from product improvement; each advance made in Brussels, Madrid, Montreal or Kuala Lumpur, improves the service to customers in Paris, Rome, San Francisco or Ankara.

The flexibility, know-how and market forecasting skills make automatic systems your ideal partner.

Automatic systems, has combined high-tech with quality, which has been a central factor in its success.

The ISO9001 certification is tangible proof.

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Automatic Systems

From craftsmanship to world leadership. Ever since its foundation in 1969, automatic systems has focused on:

With more than 30 years’ experience across five continents, automatic systems still has the same business and the same goal.

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