Our many agencies mean we can offer an extensive range of speed gates, paddle gates, swing gates and flap gate to meet your sites specific requirements.

We recognises that the initial installation of a pedestrian speed gate system is only part of the picture and that after sales service and maintenance are sometimes more important.

Security speed lanes are ideal for corporate reception areas requiring secure, bi-directional pedestrian access, where speed, safety, modern styling and high reliability are key.

Evolve-Halifax-ES150-Speed Gate (3)

Our professional and experienced team has specialist knowledge of challenging site environments.

In addition to providing the best equipment Willings offers a design and consultancy service to help you select the most best solution.

Smart Lane SL900+SL910

The design and construction of simple or complex systems require a high degree of experience and attention to detail if the end product is to exactly satisfy the customer’s requirements.

Proposed designs are prepared after a careful study of the customer’s requirements and reflect our extensive experience in

system design and engineering.

RG100 Retractable speed gateSL900 Wooden top speed gateSpeed_Gate_SL900+SL910SL900 Wooden top speed gateSlimLane-SL940+950 speed Gate (1)SlimLane-SL940+950 speed gate Gate (1)Paddle Gate PG300 Speed Gate

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“The best equipment deserves the best service”.