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Security Entrance Lanes.

Security entrance lanes are ideal for corporate reception areas requiring secure, bi-directional pedestrian access, where speed, safety, modern styling and high reliability are key.

SmartLane SL900 and SL910 unique alliance of materials creates a new harmony and allows for easy integration in all sorts of architectural environments. Compact footprint and curved design contributes to the elegance of the site. The harmonious, fluid and precise movements of the glass obstacles encourage user acceptance and trust.

Several configurations for passage control and management are possible, associating the priorities of site security with those of user safety. Whilst the SL900 allows for standard passage widths of 600mm, the SL910 allows for passage widths of up to 900mm for DDA compliance.

A wide choice of options: aesthetics, security, integration, user safety enables a precise response to specific requirements.

SmartLane adaptable detection system allows for various levels of security, from dissuasive to anti-fraud in both directions in the closed position, the obstacles are mechanically locked, preventing forced manual opening. The 12mm-thick tempered-glass obstacles are available in heights of 1000 to 1900mm. Fast obstacle movements (opening/closing time between 0.3 and 1.3 seconds).

SmartLane benefits from enhanced detection by means of a lateral array of photo-cells. The shutter which follows the obstacle provides total protection against trapped fingers. In case of emergency, the passage is opened by
intrinsic mechanical energy.

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