All our full height turnstiles have heavy duty head mechanisms with continuously rated solenoids designed for high usage.

The 120 Degrees 3-arm full-height turnstile offers a high level of security and a comfortable space for the user whilst the 90 Degree 4-arm turnstiles provides increased security.

Typical Applications

Full height turnstiles give a high degree of security with unmanned control.


Full-Height Turnstile

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Pass Gate Turnstile

Evolve FT100

Full-Height Turnstile

If you need a high degree of unmanned perimeter security than Willings has the products and expertise to help.

We have a large solution of range of Full-Height Turnstiles from leading manufactures such as; The Automatic Systems TRS range, the FT from Evolve to high security booths and revolving doors manufactured by Tonali.